Uber driver mistakes Sydney sex worker for passenger: Video


An Uber driver in Sydney had a strange case of mistaken identity on the evening of April 27 that led to him politely declining a proposition from a sex worker. Daniel Moore was scheduled to pick up a woman named Chelsea in Sydney and pulled over the same location which was flagged on his app. As a woman got into his car Moore said ?hey Chelsea!? but she didn?t correct him. As they began chatting, she revealed she was a sex worker on shift and propositioned him for sex, to which he politely declined. After only driving a block, she got out of his car and once again didn?t correct him when he called her Chelsea. Seconds after dropping her off, he received a call from the real passenger who was still waiting to be picked up. Moore told 7 News it was an ?uncomfortable? and ?strange? situation. He ended up telling the real Chelsea who thought it was hilarious. Credit: Facebook/Daniel Moore via Storyful

Weird Uber encounter when driver picked up sex worker. Source: Facebook/Daniel Moore

WELL that put the brakes on the small talk.

In a superbly awkward tale of mistaken identity a Sydney Uber driver accidentally mistook a sex worker for his passenger … and didn’t work out his mistake until she asked him one heck of a question.

Daniel Moore picked up the woman he thought was “Chelsea” from Darlinghurst on Thursday night.

Dash-cam footage shows him being offered sex from the girl he thought was his passenger, after she responds to the name “Chelsea”.

He only realises his mistake, and rapidly changes gears on the conversation, when she asks “Do you want to have sex?”

“She waved me down in the exact spot my GPS was showing me,” Daniel said.

In the video he pulls over to greet “Chelsea”, then asks what she’s up to. She replies “Working. Trying to earn some money”.

He asks what she does for a living and she replies “I’m a sex worker. Want to have sex?”

He replies: “My girlfriend wouldn’t like that too much, sorry honey”.
After the penny dropped, he said while he had gone through most of the questions he routinely asks passengers, “I forgot to ask her where she was heading — normally, I ask passengers to confirm with them but in this case we just started talking,” reports 7 News online.

He told “Chelsea” he had a girlfriend so she wouldn’t be offended.

“I was trying to get out of an uncomfortable situation,” he said.

“I’ve had some strange ones but that takes the cake.

“I told the real Chelsea afterwards and she thought it was hilarious.”

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