Roxy Jacenko kisses ex-boyfriend Nabil Gazal while Oliver Curtis in jail


Roxy Jacenko tcategorically stated she’s ‘not single’, saying she’s still committed to her jailed husband Oliver Curtis. Courtesy: The Morning Show/Channel Seven

AFTER months of speculation about the state of her marriage, embattled publicist Roxy Jacenko has been spotted kissing ex-boyfriend Nabil Gazal — while her husband, disgraced former banker Oliver Curtis, languishes in jail.

Jacenko, 36, was seen kissing and sharing a passionate embrace with former lover Gazal in a Sydney hotel after the duo partied for a friend’s birthday on Saturday night.

When contacted by The Daily Telegraph about the incident, which flies in the face of her previous denials that she and Curtis’ marriage remains strong and she and Gazal are just friends, the Sweaty Betty principal declined to comment.

Roxy Jacenko.

Roxy Jacenko.Source:News Corp Australia

Rumours have been swirling for months that despite her repeated denials that she would remain with her husband all is not well in the Jacenko-Curtis union, with the high-profile publicist making only four trips to the Snowy Mountains prison the incarcerated former private school boy has called home since being sentenced last June.

In January, a source close to the couple told The Sunday Telegraph that Jacenko had made plans to leave Curtis, the father of her two children — Pixie, five and Hunter, two.

Citing her becoming “too upset” when she even speaks to him on the phone, Jacenko hasn’t taken her school-aged daughter to visit her father once since he left the family home almost 12 months ago.

Rumours too have been growing louder about Jacenko’s relationship with Gazal, a Sydney property developer who reportedly gifted her with a diamond ring for Christmas. The former couple have been frequently seen out and about together since Curtis’ imprisonment.

Gazal and Jacenko were pictured together at dinner in December 2016. Picture: Diimex

Gazal and Jacenko were pictured together at dinner in December 2016. Picture: DiimexSource:Diimex

Roxy Jacenko with husband Oliver Curtis.

Roxy Jacenko with husband Oliver Curtis.Source:Supplied

Roxy Jacenko visited her husband Oliver Curtis in Cooma Jail.

Roxy Jacenko visited her husband Oliver Curtis in Cooma Jail.Source:News Corp Australia

Earlier this month, Jacenko said that she was “still a wife” to Curtis, in light of speculation about what her stepping down from a director’s role at Curtis’ investment company Encounter Investments meant.

She told News Corp there was “no need” for her to continue her role — which Curtis’ father Nick Curtis would take over.

“I resigned as a director last week. I’m a business person. The reality is Oli is coming out, he can sign his own paperwork, I’ve got my own business to run, he doesn’t need me as a signatory anymore.”

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