PHOTOS: A look inside the new luxury Crystal charter jet


Last week luxury cruise line Crystal unveiled the newest vessel
in its fleet: a Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner wide-body jet.

Crystal Skye was revealed at the Virtuoso Travel Week in Las
Vegas, and Business Insider one of the first look inside.

From a stand-up bar to dinner tables, a wine cellar and butler
service, the jet epitomises luxury travel.

The aircraft, which can seat up to 88 people, is available for
global charter or as a Crystal package to get guests from
experience to experience, for an average price of $US55,000 an

The company says a trip from New York to Paris would run about

“Crystal Skye represents a tremendous new option for those
seeking the most private and personalised travel experiences,
whether for a truly impressive corporate incentive or large
groups of family and friends, providing an incomparable global
experience that cannot be matched at any one hotel or resort in
the world,” says Crystal CEO and president, Edie Rodriguez.

“Even a Saudi sheik tried to buy her from us, and I said no thank
you,” she said.

Here is the new Crystal Skye Boeing 777-200LR jet.

This massive jet has a wing span of 64.80 metres, and overall
length is 49.10 metres. And it has a maximum non-stop flight
range of 19.5 hours.

Here’s captain Ralph. There are four captains with global
operation experience in a B777 aircraft.

The crew and staff onboard include 12 SkyeButlers — who speak 32
languages between them — an executive chef, mixologist, purser,
technical manager, and global operations/security manager.

Inside there are bright colours and a contemporary design in the
lounge, which has been designed to fit a maximum of 30 or so

There are four oval dinner tables, which can fit six people each.
And standing space at the bar.

Those tables can also be converted into gaming tables. These ones
have built-in iPads.

And the individual seating area.

The centre overhead baggage holds have been removed to increase
the cabin height to 2.20 metres. And with the extra wide aisle,
it is the widest VIP cabin configuration in commercial service.

So much space!

After two years of customising the jet, Crystal have reconfigured
the format, reducing the number of seats from 380 to 88.

The leather flat-bed seats, at 186cm long each, are ergonomic and

When seated guests have an average of three windows between each
row thanks to a staggered 2x2x2 layout.

Each seat offers personal USB ports, power outlets, seat
adjustment remote, book compartments, and more.

Customised interiors including cashmere blankets and lumbar
pillows, goose down pillow, doonas and mattress toppers for plush
in-flight sleep.

Custom cabin tote bags are also available and include pyjamas,
toiletry kits and Bose headphones.

Nice. Snazzy socks.

There are six huge bathrooms with relaxing music, large
countertops, and space to change.

Just look at the space for the toilet.

ETRO bath products are also included.

Oh, look. Here’s a sneak-peek at where the staff sleep on the

Award-winning executive chef Francois Van Zyl works with the
guests to design a menu to their taste and gathers ingredients
from the destinations the plane visits. Hi, chef!

The chef collaborates with the sommelier and mixologist to offer
pairings with fine wines from the cellar, which houses more than
200 bottles of hand-picked vintages.

Two state-of-the-art galleys — equipped with nine total steam
and convection ovens, espresso machines, frother, blender, ice
machines and more.

This means steaks can be grilled, fish can be poached, vegetables
steamed and ice cream churned, all at 40,000 feet. Speaking of
food. If you want it in your seat…

The in-flight entertainment system has been designed exclusively
for the aircraft with 24-inch HD Panasonic monitors and mini
monitors in each handset. This allows guests to view a selection
of movies, TV shows and music on-demand, Live TV and other
general features.

The author travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of

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