Headless body found in search for missing journalist Kim Wall


A woman’s headless torso has been found by Danish police investigating the disappearance of a Swedish journalist.

Kim Wall, 30, had been interviewing Danish inventor Peter Madsen on board his homemade submarine on 10 August but she failed to return.

Madsen, 46, initially said he had dropped Ms Wall off on an island in Copenhagen late that day but has since told police that she died in an accident and he buried her at sea in an unspecified location in Koge Bay, south of Copenhagen.

Police said late on Monday that they had found a woman’s torso near Koge Bay after an intense search.

Copenhagen police chief Jens Moller Jensen told reporters: “When I say torso, it’s a body without head, arms and legs”.

He said it was “too early” to say if it was Ms Wall.

Inventor Peter Madsen designed the submarine
Inventor Peter Madsen designed the submarine

Madsen has already appeared in court on 12 August in relation to Ms Wall’s disappearance but the hearing was held behind closed doors and the investigation has been classified.

Ms Wall, a graduate of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, was a freelance reporter who had worked for The Guardian and The New York Times.

After she failed to return from the interview, the 60ft sub was also reported missing and was later found in Koge Bay.

Madsen was found soon afterwards.

Police have said they believe he “deliberately” sank the vessel but he has denied any wrongdoing.

The sub, named Nautilus, was the biggest private sub ever made when Madsen built it in 2008 with help from a group of volunteers.

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