Gunman shoots three people dead before killing himself at US special needs home


Four men, including the suspected gunman, have died after a man opened fire at an in-home care centre for people with special needs in the US.

Police say the suspected attacker shot himself and all four of those who died were connected to the unit in Topeka, Kansas.

Another male victim was taken to hospital with injuries not believed to be life-threatening.

Four people were killed in the assault. Pic:
Four people, including the suspected gunman, were killed in the Kansas assault

Officers responded to a call from the home about a shooting just before 4pm on Sunday. Police say they are not looking for anyone else.

In a separate attack in San Diego, California, police shot dead a man who opened fire at a birthday pool party, killing a woman.

At least one person died in the attack. Pic: KFMB
At least one person died in the attack at an apartment complex in San Diego, California. Pic: KFMB

Three other women and three men were injured, some critically. All the victims were black apart from one hispanic man.

The white suspect, Peter Selis, was still in the pool area when a police helicopter arrived and the pilot reported seeing him apparently reloading.

Seven people were shot after a gunman opened fire. Pic: KFMB
Seven people were shot after a gunman opened fire at a birthday pool party. Pic: KFMB

Three officers on the ground shot him dead after he pointed a large-calibre handgun at them.

Police have not revealed a motive but they believe that Selis lived in the complex.

Another man broke his arm while fleeing the scene, an apartment complex near the city’s university where one of the partygoers is believed to live.

Two witnesses reported a white man wearing brown shorts armed with a gun was shooting at approximately 30 people around the pool, most of them African-American.

Police at the scene of the shooting. Pic: KFMB
Police at the scene of the shooting. Pic: KFMB

One resident, named only as John, told KFMB-TV that he was in his apartment at around 6pm when he heard gunshots followed by shouts and screams.

He said the shooter seemed at ease: “He had his beer in one hand and his gun in the other. There were two victims lying on the ground, one trying to crawl toward the other one to help.”

Students Amberjot Riat, 22, and Kaela Wong, 20, were in a hot tub at the complex when the gunfire started and tried to escape the gunman’s attention by staying in the water.

They then moved to a wall and reportedly heard the gunman tell young women who were tending to a wounded friend. “You can either leave or you can stay here and die.”

Partygoer Drew Phillips told the San Diego News Tribune shortly before the shooting, his friend – who was celebrating his birthday – had approached Selis and offered him food and drink, but he declined, and continued to sit quietly yards away.

“Six or seven minutes later it’s just pow, pow, pow, pow – out of nowhere…There was no indication that he was there to do evil,” Phillips said.

Court records from a 2015 bankruptcy case show Selis, a father and a car mechanic, had large debts.

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