Clay Travis ESPN boobs comment on CNN stuns Brooke Baldwin, who ends segment


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Clay Travis of Fox Sports and Outkick the Coverage left CNN
anchor Brooke Baldwin stunned on Friday by making an off-color
remark during a segment about ESPN’s political controversy.

While discussing the network’s
decision not to fire or suspend “SC6” anchor Jemele Hill

calling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist,”
a vocal conservative and critic of ESPN, said the only things he
believed in “completely” were “the First Amendment and boobs.”

Baldwin looked stunned and eventually cut Travis off.

You can see the exchange in the video below.

“I just want to make sure I heard you correctly as a woman
anchoring this show,” she said. “What did you just say? You
believe in the First Amendment and B-double-O-B-S?” she said.

Travis responded: “Boobs. Two things that have only never let me
down in this entire country’s history: the First Amendment and

As Travis tried to continue his point, Baldwin kept returning to
the comment, trying to clarify whether Travis had said “booze” or

“I said boobs,” he said in response. “I believe completely in the
First Amendment and in boobs. Those are the only two things I
believe 100% in this country.”

Baldwin then criticized Travis for the remark, saying: “Why would
you even say that live on national television and with a female
host? Why would you even go there?”

Afterward, Travis seemed proud of the incident:

Baldwin, however, still seemed baffled:

Watch the exchange:

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