Woman missing after inventor’s home-made submarine sinks near Copenhagen


A Danish inventor has been rescued from his crowdfunded, privately built submarine after it sank in a bay close to Copenhagen.

A Swedish journalist who was also on board remains missing but the inventor, Peter Madsen, told navy officers she had disembarked on Thursday night.

However, police have so far been able to track her down.

Mr Madsen escaped on Friday afternoon when the 18-metre UC3 Nautilus, considered to be the largest of its kind in the world, developed problems in Koge Bay, south of the Danish capital.

Two helicopters, three ships and members of the public with boats and sonar equipment were involved in the search after the journalist’s boyfriend reported the sub missing.

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Helicopters and ships were involved in the search and rescue operation

After being filmed getting off what appeared to be a private boat, Mr Madsen told Denmark’s TV2 channel that a problem with a ballast tank had compromised the vessel.

He said it took about 30 seconds to sink: “I couldn’t close any hatches or anything. But I guess that was pretty good because otherwise I still would have been down there.”

Swedish police said they were investigating the whereabouts of the journalist.

“Whether the woman was on board the submarine at the time of her disappearance is unclear,” police said in a statement.

The journalist had been writing about Mr Madsen and the submarine, according to Danish and Swedish media.

The inventor is also working on designing a spaceship, according to a profile on TedxVilnius that describes him as “an explorer, who excels in making fantastic dreams come true”.

He told TV2 he was “fine, but sad that Nautilus went down”.

Danish police have reportedly sent divers to the submarine, but no official comment has been made so far.

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