Watch: Golfer Patrick Reed gets angry at camera crew for shaking pocket change


Watch: Golfer Patrick Reed gets angry at camera crew for shaking pocket change Golfer Patrick Reed flips out about camera crew making noise with change

July 26 (UPI) — Patrick Reed was not happy with a camera crew for making noise with pocket change while he tried to play a hole Thursday at the European Open.

He got so frustrated that he kicked the crew out of the area where he was about to take his stroke. The incident occurred on the 10th hole on the Green Eagle Golf Course in Hamburg, Germany.

Reed sent his second shot on the par four just short of a bunker. He was lining up to chip a shot onto the green when he became distracted with the camera crew. Reed’s caddie, brother-in-law Kessler Karain, silently motioned to the crew to stop making noise as Reed was practicing the stroke.

But Reed could still hear the change. He eventually stepped away from the ball to address the small group.

“You are rattling change in your pocket,” Karain said. “That’s what I’m pointing at you for.”

“Well thank you, stop,” Reed said. “You know what, no. I need you all to go over there on that side of the green, go. Camera guy too, since he’s part of you. He lost privileges by going like that with change. Keep going. I’m not hitting until you all get the heck out of here. Like completely out of here. Ridiculous.”

Reed ended up chipping the ball onto the green and making a par putt on the hole. The American ended up with a 2-under-par 70 for the first round and sits tied for 27th place. Fellow American Bryson DeChambeau leads the tournament at 6-under-par entering Friday’s second round.

“The camera guys were just getting a little too close,” Reed told the Golf Channel. “One of them had a lot of change in his pocket. I should have asked him for some of it to get a cold drink at the turn. It happens. There is going to be distractions out there when you play. You have to be able to handle it and bounce through it.”

Jordan Smith is the defending champion of the tournament. Reed tees off with Smith and Charles Schwartzel at 8 a.m. on Friday in Germany.

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