‘Totally honoured’ to be the Quetta Gladiators’ face: Singer Aima Baig |


'Totally honoured' to be the Quetta Gladiators' face: Singer Aima Baig | ‘Totally honoured’ to be the Quetta Gladiators’ face: Singer Aima Baig | 183579 8726108 updates

Aima Baig, the brand ambassador for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) team Quetta Gladiators, said Saturday night she is honoured to be representing the squad.

“I’m actually totally honoured because Quetta Gladiators is a huge team,” she said. “To be part of the Quetta Gladiators family is no less than an honour for me.”

Having had a passion for cricket since a very young age, Baig said she used to watch her brothers and cousins play the sport.

“But I never got a chance to play as well,” she lamented.

Now, however, that she has a chance to be the face of a Pakistani cricket team, it has gotten her “really excited”.

When this correspondent asked her which cricketer would she like to be, Baig responded with: “Either Shoaib Akhtar or Wasim Akram.”

However, one of her favourite players from the current squad is Sarfraz Ahmed, who is also the captain of Pakistan’s national cricket team.

With regard to how the cricket matches are slowly, but steadily, being brought back to home grounds, she said, “It’s a huge honour for Pakistan.”

“In Pakistan, I think, cricket is the most-watched sport and we have the biggest cricket fans too!”

Pakistan will “obviously” get recognised more if its “name gets added to a global list [in terms of cricket]”.

“No one knows the kind of talent that is hidden in Pakistan. People are only slowly becoming aware of it [and] I’m really happy.”

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