Tina Fey takes down Trump and Charlottesville ‘turds’ on SNL


Tina Fey SNL Cake Tina Fey takes down Trump and Charlottesville 'turds' on SNL Tina Fey takes down Trump and Charlottesville ‘turds’ on SNL tina 20fey 20snl 20cake
Tina Fey yells into a

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Tina Fey, a former “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update
co-anchor, returned to the
studio Thursday night
to offer her thoughts on President
Donald Trump and the violence last weekend in Charlottesville,

Fey graduated from the University of Virginia, which is in
Charlottesville, in 1992. The college town was the site of a
white nationalist protest that turned deadly last Saturday.

“It broke my heart to see these evil forces descend upon
Charlottesville,” Fey said, appearing with current Weekend Update
co-anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che.

After seeing Trump public ally condemn violence “on many sides,”
Fey said she felt “sick.”

“I’ve seen ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and I wasn’t confused
by it,” Fey said. “No, Colin, Nazis are always bad, I don’t care
what you say.”

In the face of upcoming rallies this weekend, Fey’s advice is to
avoid the “screaming matches and potential violence,” and
instead, order a cake with the American flag on it and “just eat

“Then next time when you see a bunch of white boys in polo shirts
screaming about taking our country back and you want to scream,
‘It’s not our country, we stole it. We stole from the Native
Americans. And when they have a peaceful protest at Standing Rock
we shoot at them with rubber bullets, but we let you chinless
turds march the streets with semi-automatic weapons,'” Fey said.

“And when you want to yell that, don’t yell it at the Klan,
Colin, yell it into the cake.”

Fey explained that “sheetcaking is a grassroots movement … Most
of the women I know have been doing it once a week since the

Her final advice to “all sane Americans” is to treat the upcoming
rallies “like the opening of a thoughtful movie with two female

“Don’t show up. Let these morons scream into the empty air,” she

Watch Fey’s full Weekend Update appearance below:

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