Tennessee Titans want to discuss Jurrell Casey’s national anthem plans


Tennessee Titans want to discuss Jurrell Casey’s national anthem plans Tennessee Titans want to discuss Jurrell Caseys national anthem plans

Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Jurrell Casey said earlier this week he planned to continue his on-field protest of the national anthem.

However, the Titans want to talk to Casey about his plan.

Under the league’s new anthem policy, players who are on the field have to stand and show respect for the anthem. Violations will be punished by fines to the team.

While in England, Casey said he will continue his on-field protest and pay his fine. But, the fine would not be his to pay. The team would be fined.

“In the case of Jurrell Casey, I think our head coach [Mike Vrabel] and general manager [Jon Robinson] are interested in having a conversation after he gets back from the United Kingdom,” team president Steve Underwood said, according to Joey Garrison of the Tennessean. “We think there may be some misunderstanding on his part. Because the new league policy does not provide anywhere that fines are made against players. If a player doesn’t stand, the teams can be fined, but not the players.

“There are two things that can happen that are considered to be legitimate under the policy: stay in the locker room or you can stand respectfully during the anthem. And it doesn’t apply just to the players; it applies to every employee of ours. So, we’re not exactly sure why he suggested that he would, as he put, ‘take his fine’ because there will be no fines levied against him.”

Casey has never kneeled during the anthem, but has raised a fist after the anthem is finished.

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