Snapchat paid $213 million for Zenly and $135 million for Placed


Evan Spiegel Miranda Kerr Snapchat paid $213 million for Zenly and $135 million for Placed Snapchat paid $213 million for Zenly and $135 million for Placed ap335236285571Snap CEO Evan Spiegel.AP Images

Snap Inc. has confirmed the price tags for its acquisitions of Zenly and Placed.

The Snapchat maker paid $213 million in cash for Zenly in May and $135 million for Placed in July, according to documents filed with the SEC on Friday.

Reports surfaced saying that Snap had bought France-based Zenly after the debut of Snap Maps, but Snap hadn’t officially confirmed the acquisition until now. Zenly built a similar app to Snap Maps that let people see where their friends were on a map.

Snap confirmed that it bought Seattle-based Placed in early June, but never confirmed reports that it paid over $200 million for the ad tech startup. It turns out that Snap paid just $135 million in cash for Placed, which helps advertisers track real-world purchases and store visits.

Snap separately disclosed that Placed’s employee equity plan includes 550,038 shares worth roughly $6.6 million in stock options based on Snap’s current share price.

Snap also spent $62 million on acquiring “a component of a business from a social advertising software company” in June and “all outstanding shares of a company that operates a cloud hosted platform for building content online” in March. A company representative declined to name the two mystery buys.

That brings Snap’s grand total spent on acquisitions during the second quarter to a whopping $410 million. For comparison, the company’s total revenue during the same period was just $181.7 million.

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