Significance of a Woman in today’s world.

What is means to be a woman in today's time.


“No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you”

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Being a proud woman in an eastern society is tough. I would be lying if I said that I have never wished to be a boy. I have been through many phases in my life; in some I have admired men, in some I have envied men, in some I have hated men and now I guess I have accepted them and have learned to coexist.

By closely observing normal, average men and boys, I understood that upbringing matters a lot. I have some progressive males as well as some misogynist females in my large family. Since women (most of them) stay in the house and raise children into adults, it is extremely important that they are well educated and up to date with the society. Unfortunately, most women are illiterate and lack basic knowledge about science, philosophy, religion and politics and children raised by them are either extremely oppressed and dependent girls or entitled and dominating boys. Nothing but burden on society.

In eastern society, gender roles are particularly defined. The age-old tradition that women belong in the house and men in the office is still very much prevailing in our society. The media does not help to change people’s mindset at all by showing weak women whose only problem in life is that her husband might leave her. These damsels in distress need to be replaced by strong, powerful, empowering, well written female characters.

Although times have changed and women are seen everywhere proving their worth whether it is in the field of science, medicine, engineering, forces, education, or business, still they are not given the respect that they deserve. A woman who goes out of the house to follow her own dreams becomes “unholy” in the eyes of society. According to them, only those women deserve respect who stay at home at all times.

I have read many tweets on Twitter about Women’s Day and I noticed that “men” have appreciated women and thanked them for their services to MEN as their mothers, sisters, daughters, wives etc. for example, the phrase “after every successful man there’s a woman” sounds nice I know, but women deserve more than just “nice”. Its time women strive for their own betterment instead of someone else’s success.


significance of a woman in today's world. Significance of a Woman in today’s world. womens day 1

A woman still deserves to be appreciated if she chooses not to become a mother or a wife. She is equally respectable if she prioritizes her career over her family. Its time women create their own identities and still be accepted and tolerated, if not appreciated. People must see them as equal human beings with dreams and goals and support them instead of making fun of them, degrading them, harassing them and then justifying their horrible behavior by saying that she shouldn’t be out of the house in the first place because according to them the only women worth respecting are those who stay at home and cater to them.

Society (men in particular) have tried their best to imprison women in their homes but women, being strong and courageous have fought their way to the top. They have refused to back down in the face of patriarchy and have shown the world that they are capable of doing great things. Their progress is visible to the world. Even in this male dominated society if we seeing female fighter pilots than we can proudly say that we have come a long way from where we began.

Happy Women’s Day Everyone!

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