Hitler and Lennin stand for election in Peru


Hitler and Lennin stand for election in Peru skynews adolf hitler hitler 4431556

Names not seen on ballot papers in several decades have returned in a small town in Peru.

Hitler Alba Sanchez is running against Lennin Vladimir Rodriguez Valverde for mayor in Yungar, a town in the Andes.

Mr Alba is hoping for a new term as the mayor, with posters reading “Hitler returns” and “Hitler with the people” popping up around the town.

He told broadcaster RPP “I’m the good Hitler”, while insisting he rejects what the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler stood for.

He said his father had been unaware of who Hitler was when naming him. Although Mr Alba learned the history, he decided to embrace his name instead of change it.

Mr Alba’s campaign came under attack from his opponent Mr Valverde, who tried to block his inscription as a candidate.

However Mr Valverde’s attempts were rejected by electoral authorities, and Mr Alba will be on the ballot paper on 7 October.

In Peru and other Latin American countries, it is customary for parents to choose exotic-sounding names for their children despite negative associations abroad.

Last year, Osama Vinladen was named on Peru’s national junior football team.

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