Apple store in Amsterdam evacuated and three staff treated ‘after iPad explodes’


Apple store in Amsterdam evacuated and three staff treated ‘after iPad explodes’ skynews apple store shop amsterdam 4395715

An Apple store in the Netherlands was evacuated after an iPad battery exploded and released noxious fumes into the air, according to reports.

Three members of staff at the shop in Amsterdam had breathing problems and were treated at the scene, the city’s fire service said in a tweet.

A member of the fire service suggested a damaged battery was to blame, according to Dutch website iCulture.

Employees at the store reportedly put the iPad in a bucket of sand following the “explosion”, although there was no smoke or fire.

The store has since reopened following the incident on Sunday.

In December, Apple admitted slowing down old iPhone devices with low-capacity batteries, claiming it was a way of protecting the devices’ components.

Amid a wave of class action lawsuits over the “deceptive, immoral, and unethical” phone slowing, Apple vowed to be more transparent with customers over the capacity of iPhone batteries.

Following the criticism, Apple said it would offer a discounted battery replacement service until the end of 2018.

An Apple spokesperson told Sky News: “We’re currently investigating the incident that took place at Apple Amsterdam on Sunday.

“Our staff were able to evacuate customers quickly and safely and the store re-opened shortly afterwards.”

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